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DYING w/ Gillislee & Hill on Bench!


Sick to my stomach after last nights game.
I asked advice on my Flx before the game (Hill Or E. Sanders) the majority told me hill. I hope sanders come though for me this week.

And I can’t blame anyone but myself about gillislee, I’m pretty sure none is us knew how the pats would use him. Obviously like a Blount inside the five type of RB.

Also, after last night game i be been offered Julio for Gillislee… Suggestions???


who are your other backs?


julio for gilly straight up? someone offered you that? you take that. you take that and run away screaming.


McCoy, Crowell and not too excited about Prosise


Yes he hurting for a back, do you think Gillislee will have a breakout year or it doesn’t matter for Julio


You have Crow and McCoy yet? My god man, accept that trade.


thanx, he proposed the trade after the game via our fantasy group messaging. I’ll send through the proposal see if no one vetos it.


Gilly can have a breakout year. But he is hampered by a crowded backfield. Julio is on a top 5 offense, and that offense runs through him. Even with a breakout year for gilly, I don’t see a world where when healthy, he out performs julio. Take it, and be happy you have other great rbs to go with that nice top 3 wr.


Ugh, your league has vetos? I foresee people vetoing that simply because of the big names.


I appreciate the input. We shall see what happens.


Yes I hate it because one owner may not like another for whatever reason and jus vetos every trade out of spite :rage:


I started Gillislee last night and if someone offered me Julio for him I’d accept immediately, then drive to that person’s house and give them a handjob.


As for the veto system: it doesn’t work. Trades should only be vetoed if there is some kind of collusion. The commissioner should be the only one to have the authority to make that call. Otherwise people will just veto everything for personal reasons.


If you got offered Julio for Gillislee, you take that offer & slash their tires and run away as quick as you can before they change their mind


I wouldn’t even hesitate to trade Julio for Gilly. That’s an insta-confirm 100 times out of 100 times


Agreed with these guys. Remember how white would have a crazy breakout and not see the same workload? Could be just one night. TB didn’t throw any TDs.