Dyn SF Trade: J. Allen

I have Josh Allen in a Dynasty SF league and received a huge offer in terms of value.

My leaguemate (a Bills fan) wants to trade to me Kelce, Woods, and Goff for Allen. League is PPR w. a 0.5 TE premium. Kelce was the #17 overall scorer in this format.

On paper, it’s a slam dunk in my favor, but I can’t help but feel short-sighted. Goff is a middling NFL QB (and worse for fantasy) who will likely be out of job within the next 2 seasons. Woods and Kelce are also both on the back ends of their careers. Allen is the most valuable player on my roster at the moment and hopefully a QB1 for another 5-ish years.

My other QB is Matt Ryan w/ J. Love, Trask, and Dalton on the bench. Trading away Allen and getting Goff in return undoubtedly makes my QB situation an immediate concern.

It’s possible I could flip some of my other roster and future picks to patch things up at QB, but there’s no guaranty.

What do you think? Would you do the trade?

I would say no deal or at least get a better QB in return. Since it is a SF, Allen has a ton of value whereas Kelce is very good but also on the wrong side of his career age wise. This looks like a short term fix that wont help as much as you hope.

If he is a Bills fan then try to get a trade that he knows is bad but will do anyway.

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I would not do that in SF. Or Dynasty. Woods and Kelce are both aging fast for Dynasty and I do not want Goff on my team. Allen in a SF should bring a haul of picks and a better replacement QB, maybe someone like Stafford.

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