Dyn. Trade Advice: R. Freeman/W. Fuller

I’m in a first year dynasty and have a trade offer to receive Royce Freeman in exchange for Will Fuller and Tony Pollard. I think it’s a slight overpay on my part close enough.

Thoughts? HPPR.

My RB situation is not ideal…starting Michel and McKinnon with Hyde, D. Harris, D. Martin, Pollard, T. Williams (Cin) and T. Riddick on my bench.

I’m solid at WR: OBJ, Watkins, C. Davis, Boyd, Fuller, Fitzgerald, D. Parker, J. Reynolds, and M. Boykin.


I would not make that deal. Fuller is more valuable than Freeman. Can you add a piece to that side?

Yeah I don’t see Royce really improving your team much to be honest. I’d look to move Fuller and maybe Boyd for a big upgrade at RB.

To be blunt, you need to make some trades. As a first year dynasty it already looks like you’re in rebuild mode. I’d try trading Watkins while he has such big hype. I’d also trade Michel and McKinnon since I don’t believe they will have good seasons or a very bright future. The only RBs I’d keep are Harris and maybe Pollard or Hyde (has more upside than trade value).

You need to land a RB1 in trade if you can.

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I like the way you think but I wouldn’t move Michel - I like the Michel/Harris combo especially as light as he is at RB…

I’m with the others here… I’d be looking to move a package to acquire a solid RB1… You don’t have the ammo for one of the top 5 guys, but maybe a Mack / Mixon type guy… obviously we don’t know what the rest of your league looks like so those teams may not have a hole you can fill with your pieces, but I’d get creative.

Yeah I’m okay with keeping Michel, but if he could get like a David Johnson for Michel/Watkins then I would do that. I do think Michel will be solid when he’s on the field. I just don’t like the knee issues, the lack of receptions and the pressure of a rookie RB behind him.

I’m 100% in favor of getting an elite RB like Johnson - and would absolutely include Michel in the deal if I can be sure I’m getting a top RB