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Dynast Rookie Draft (PPR) Pick 1.01 - Fournette or McCaffrey?


If y’all could help me make my pick and give reasons why, that’d be amazing. And I’m NOT picking Davis because I NEED an RB here.


I would have to say Fournette would be the first pick, I think he has the most surefire role in the offense (not saying McCaffrey doesn’t, I just think he won’t get the 15+ carries a game like Fournette will). And I believe Fournette will get a lot more goal-line work. But only time will tell.


It’s pretty easily Christian McCaffrey for me. He’s my 1.02 in PPR behind only Corey Davis. McCaffrey doesn’t get the credit he deserves as a runner and his pass catching ability is absolutely elite. His college production and measurables were truly phenomenal. I love how decisive he is while running the ball, his vision is outstanding, and he showed the ability to set up and evade defenders that were 7-10 yards away from him. Those traits allowed him to break huge gains in college and I don’t see anything changing in the NFL. The fit with Carolina is a bit awkward but not enough for me to pass on a potential game changer in PPR leagues.


It’s easily Fournette to me. Fournette is a beast player who will get the ball 20+ times a game and is guaranteed goal line work. He might even be involved in the passing game too. McCaffrey is a great talent but won’t be used like that. He’s a Reggie Bush type. Reggie Bush was drafted to the PERFECT POSSIBLE team with the Drew Brees Saints who threw to the RB more than any team in the NFL… and most people were disappointed with Bush. Carolina is a bad spot.


Honestly, in PPR as much as I love Fournette, I personally would pick McCaffery here he’s my 1.02 in PPR picks. I was a fan of Fournette in college being an LSU fan, but PPR, McCaffery is the no doubt pick to me in any PPR league. I believe that the Carolina offense is changing, and River Boat Ron has a few tricks up his sleeve, and honestly I do not believe much in that Jax OL. Although I still believe a healthy Fournette will have a great year.

In STD leagues, I will go Fournette all day.


Fournette but i would consider any of the 4 best RB, choose the one you like the best, and would like to watch on sundays


I had the same situation… needed a rb and I took fournette. If you’re counting on production this year (not a good idea with rookie backs) then fournette is the clear 1.01 to me. He will be fed the ball right out of the gate. If you want to look farther out, mccafrey has a very interesting potential ceiling (bell, dj) since it’s full ppr… but I really don’t think he’ll get enough touches to out-produce fournette this year… not with j stew still in the mix.


Idk about mccafery you got to consider johnathen Stewart signed a 2 yr extension & they drafted Curtis Samuel. I’d love to see mccafery become elite but I can’t help but think he’s just a slightly better Danny wood head. I hope I’m proved wrong but I think mccafery is overrated. I’d go with fornette only because it’s for sure gonna happen the guy is a angry runner itching to get the ball. But don’t forget joe mixon that guy can probably kill it in ppr.


Easily Christian McCaffery for me. He is a far superior pass catcher and don’t belive the BS circulating that he can’t be a “bell cow” back, despite the fact they really don’t exist anymore. McCaffery is the prototype for the Running Back of the future and he’s going to play in an offense that is going to feature him in a very incentive way. Remember when Deangelo Williams was the top running back in the league? Yeah, McCaffery is more talented than him