Dynast Team Feedback

Hi all just looking for feedback on how to improve my team. We did a startup draft last year and I ended up winning with this squad. It’s 12 full PPR 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex 1 TE 1 DST 1K . My team was probably somewhere between rank 2-4? in regular season and I was scoring 150 in playoffs. I don’t love Cooks as Wr2 and I’m conflicted on Sony, I wish he caught passes. How would you make this squad better?

QBs Luck Jamis Mariota Josh Allen

RB CMC Sony Guice McKinnon (took them later than ADP) Eli McGuire, Adams, Samuels, Gus bus, Ito, Justin Jackson, Josh Adams, and Dion

Wr DHop Cooks, Corey Davis , Ridley, Moore, Calloway, Miller, Gallup, Foster Cain, Chark , Barrios, Reynolds (loaded up on rookies because I felt like I could find an RB to plug in)

TE Kittle Hunter Henry Jarwin

I would couple any of your QBs, not named Luck, and Hunter Henry to go get a WR2. Specifically I would target guys who might be a little older since they’re cheaper. You’re clearly in win now mode and have enough youth at WR to roster a guy with 2-3 years left. Off the top of my head I’m thinking a Sanders type guy. There are more like him who I can’t think of right now but thats the age and talent range I would go after.

A few other older WRs that will be cheap and can still produce for you would be Edelman, Fitzgerald, Baldwin, DJax

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I really like Edelman this upcoming year

Edelman will be sold so high now after the super bowl… still just an ok wr2

I disagree. He’s something like 35 years old. In dynasty, I think he’s well priced or even a little cheaper.

I like the idea of getting some additiona vet l wr help Sanders/Larry are probably available there are a few guys in rebuild mode with older guys I might be able to put a package together for. If Ridley and Moore step up that could be big. I like Edelman for redraft more than dynasty, but as of now there aren’t really anyone getting targets in NE.

Right, because you’d only be trading a QB and TE, you can either get young and unproven talent or old and proven. So, since you’re in win now mode and have a ton of youth already, I’d go get a guy you know will produce this year but is cheap due to age.
Then you have another year for your young guys to show you what they can do while not having to rely on them. If the vet you get is relevant for anything more than 1 year, thats just a bonus. But, between Davis, Ridley, Moore, Calloway, Miller, Gallup, Foster, Chark, and Reynolds, at least 1/2 of them will be matchup startable this year and consistently next.

You already have a good list of targets in the above list. I would also add, Woods and AJ Green (people are super low on him). Its very likely your offer will not land these guys but who knows, its worth pursuing.

Edleman will be 33 entering the 2019 season.

I agree, I’m going to put out some feelers and see who I can acquire that will either help me win this year or have built in upside for next year.

My bad, I was going from memory

Update I traded Cooks Kittle Ridley and the 24th pick for Evans Vance McDonald and the 9th pick. Now I have the Jamis and Evans stack, Henry to replace Kittle and the 9th and 12th pick to move around in the draft. Hope it works out.

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