Dynastie Trade - get Julio, give away 1st 2020

Bonjour from Germany :de:

10-Team Dynastie PPR League , my record is 6-2, most points in the league

Someone offered me Julio + J.Howard, i would give away my 2020 1st rd + 4th rd

Should I do this trade? Get something better than Howard?

Thank you guys

What are your starting lineup requirements?

Howard is not worth much. As your subject suggest it boils down to Julio for a 2020 1st.

In terms of value this is a good deal. Likely a late first for one of the best WR in the game. However, Julio is aging and it’s that time most managers in dynasty are evaluating getting out. The only question is: Are you enough of a contender to win this year? If so, this is the type of trade I would make.

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