Dynastie trade offer

Hi all :slight_smile: A guy in my dynastie league offerd me Joe Mixon and Mike Evans for my Kareem Hunt and DeSean Jackson.

0.5 Ppr League. I have to start 2 RB and 3 WR.

What do you think about thin Trade?

Longterm pointswise, I really dont see that much of a benefit for you in this trade. Stud pass-catching RBs like Hunt are so important long term, and I donโ€™t think his recent low scores will continue.

Who are your other RBs and WRs?

Yea but Evans is such a good WR.

At RB i have McCoy, Hyde, Miller and the duo Gore/Mack. At WR i have AJ Green, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson and Travis Benjamin.

You are stacked at WR. Jordy might be down now but heโ€™ll return next year. I feel your RBs are weaker than your WR and you should hold onto Hunt.

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Same. Keep Hunt with a WR lineup line that