Dynasty 0.5ppr Marlon Mack for George Kittle

Team with Kittle needs a RB

Team with Mack needs a TE

Is Mack for Kittle fair or is one side stronger?

I think whoever gets kittle is the big winner here


I lean team Kittle as winner but if you need a RB you could do a lot worse than Mack.

Damn this is a pretty tight one for me. I’m pretty big on Mack. His season reminds me a lot of Gurley tbh. Carried by some massive games (30+ points), colts making huge investments in Oline like rams did, Luck is back in full throttle like rams after McVay/Goff, which means plenty of scoring opportunities, has a 3 down skill set. Only risk is injury.

On the flip side, Kittle was my top target last season for TE and he proved overproduce by a country mile. The risks there is that last season, he was literally the only game in town and top target for 2 pretty awful QBs. With Jimmy G back, how does that change? Or if SF decides to add some weapons on the outside, does his target volume decrease?

Overall, I’d say it’s a pretty even trade. Given both teams are filling a need, maybe slight edge to kittle but honestly, I like the trade for both sides.

The team who gets Kittle wins this one. Mack seems like a fair return, but the scarcity of top tier TEs makes Kittle even more valuable to me