Dynasty 1.01

Do I keep the 1.01 (and take Gurley?) Or do I trade back to 1.07 and swap my 10.01 for a 7.06

Sure thing man, the 1.01 is nice but you are still getting a tremendous player at the 1.07 and doubling up for upside in the 7th round. I would take that.

Although, you should see if you could still squeeze some more out of them, I think you could.

No way in hell I would take this trade.

Mike, I fee like you are following me around the forum and just disagreeing with everything I say :joy:

I’m just responding to stuff at the top of the forum. Honestly didn’t even read your response. Was pretty late at night and saw it as an easy decision.

Easy? I just got bodied by that hot take

Yeah its an incredibly easy decision to me. All you need to do is think of who you’re giving up in that draft slot.

1.01 for me is OBj all day every day. Could make an argument for Nuk and I’ve seen a lot of people take Gurley. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. So you’re basically giving up the following trade:

Give: OBJ/Nuk/Gurley + Sanders/Washington/Hogan/Burkhead/Aaron Jones/Jamaal Williams (This is the calibur of player you’d get at 10.1. Maybe not Burkhead now given rising price but that’s typically where i’ve seen him go)

Receive: DJ/Bell/MT/Brown + Funchess/Ridley/Sutton/Cobb (This is what you’d get at around 7.06

Pretty easy decision for me in dynasty format.

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Well in two footclan Dynasty startups I’m in, people still went RB heavy at the top of the draft and OBJ was available at 7. So if he’s the top player on your board, there’s a good chance he still falls AND you upgrade your 7th round slot. If not, I still think Nuk, MT, or even Keenan Allen are great picks. Or you can still get a young stud back if that’s what you desire.

personally I’m not relying on Obj or Nuk to fall to 1.07 when I do a draft cause you need a league full of morons for that to happen. I can maybe understand 1.03-1.04 if you love RBs that much. But my analysis above makes that point moot. You can replace OBJ with gurley etc whatever and it’s not a trade I’m doing.

Lol you just called the footclan a bunch of morons…

Hey guys! @MikeMeUpp called you morons! Get him!


Maybe just the league you’re in? I’ve done 12 dynasty leagues so far. I have yet to see OBJ fall below 1.04

I’ve never seen OBJ down there. A true dynasty league I haven’t seen OBJ slip past 1.04

Totally agree that any league where obj falls to 1.07 in dynasty is due to a high concentration of morons. Although it’s possible that they are merely idiots, dimwits, or imbeciles.

Someone asked for my 2.01 in exchange for his 3.09 and 3.10. He’s asking for an additional 11th from me. Thoughts?