Dynasty 1.06 pick help!

I already drafted Taylor and dobbins and just traded for the 1.06

Who should i take?!
Akers, Lamb, Juedy, Reagor, Jefferson

My team:

Rb: Carson, Howard
Wr: Julio, tyreek, Metcalf, Lazard

Lamb all day. I would consider him even at the 1.01. If he is still there snatch that. Your team is awesome and about to get better.

It’s Lamb for me too here, with what you have already and you have the players at WR to not need him right away so can let him find his role in that Dallas passing game.

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Don’t even know how Akers, Lamb and Jeudy even fell that far as a whole… but definitely CeeDee, Akers, Jeudy in that order.

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It’s crazy how deep this draft is but the first 5 were 1. CEH 2. Burrow 3.Taylor 4. Dobbins 5. Swift

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