Dynasty 1.07 spot

We are doing our inaugural Dynasty (Empire League) draft and I’m at the 1.07. Assuming Barkley, CMC, MT, and Zeke are the first four, who should I be looking for? PPR format

First, I think it’s safe to say you have to go ahead and assume/add Kamara to that list of already guaranteed taken off the board players you listed. With that said, the 1.07, especially in Dynasty startup, is a tricky spot this year. One of those gut wrenching decision spots… So your options more or less come down to D.Cook, D.Hopkins, D.Adams, T.Hill and even C.Godwin if your a truther cuz he’s more than likely not going to make it back around to you in the 2nd 85% of the time. With that said, in my opinion how I’d list those 5 players in order would have to go as follows for Dynasty Startup purposes…

  1. Cook
  2. Adams
  3. Hill
  4. Hopkins
  5. Godwin

Ps… if Cook falls in your lap and you run with it, you must consider drafting his handcuff, A.Mattison, much earlier than his ADP of 8.10. If you land Cook, look to add Mattison in the 7th round at the latest. Just an added Cost of taking Cook.
Good Luck!!

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