Dynasty 1.10 and 2.2

Dynasty Start up PPR OBJ and Antonio Brown avaible 1.7 is drafting should I try and trade up? What would you do with 1.10 and 2.2?

OBJ is a steal there. Maybe offer the owner at 1.7 your first and third for their first and fifth. You could also offer the owner at 1.8 something similar. Stats have showed that not much separates players from rounds 3-6, so it could end up being highway robbery.

I got 1.8 and 8.5 and gave up 1.10 and 6.3 what you think about that trade? I’m getting OBJ or Antonio Brown for sure one of them


I like it! If you get OBJ, then I LOVE it.

Hopefully I can get OBJ what you think I should do with my 2.3?

Depends who is there. I am not familiar with Dynasty, but I have heard that WRs are a little more valuable because of their longevity. I would probably look at drafting a young RB stud, or someone like Michael Thomas or Keenan Allen.

You need to get OBJ to make this deal really pay off. I would’ve been willing to give up more to move to 1.07 and lock down OBJ who IMO is the clear 1.01 and it’s not really that close.

You should see if you can swap 1.07 and 1.08 and swap the 2nd rounder with the guy. Potentially even add in next year 2nd/3rd or something.

I would be doing everything possible to secure OBJ right now. This is robbery.

I agree with this man ^^^

The dude wasn’t answering has a few hours left to pick I sent the offer though swap 2nds

You need to get a hold of that man. And pray to god he isn’t smart enough to realize the value of OBJ. If he doesn’t swap seconds, offer more swaps later or future draft picks. It’ll be worth it to secure OBJ over AB. Trust me.

Got in at 1.8 and got Dalvin Cook at 2.2

got OBJ that is

I wish I was in this league. OBJ at 1.08 is a crime. 1.05-1.07 should be locked up for crimes against fantasy.