Dynasty 10 Team PPR Startup! (Draft Early May)

Starting up a brand new 10 team Dynasty PPR league on the Sleeper App. (6 Spots still needed to be filled)

1 QB
2 WR
2 RB
1 TE

16 Bench Spots
2 IR Spots
$25 buy in (will go towards awards, trophies, or just can be distributed as a cash purse winning, will be decided by league members).
Draft in early May following the NFL Draft.

Looking for Dynasty players committed to playing not only for a prize but mainly for the pride of playing with and beating the best. We are tired of our family league and only competing with each other and are looking to compete with others that are just as crazy about fantasy as we are. We love to talk smack and have a good time. I have commissioned many leagues and love to make sure everyone has a fair say and always vote on anything that we need to and make sure to listen to all suggestions for the league. Let me know if you are interested!

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Hey Iā€™m In! michael.jimenez42@gmail.com. sleeper username is majio42

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Im interested if there are still spots. Solan8r@msn.com

I actually have the last invite out right now, but if they or anyone else drops I will be sure to email you first!