Dynasty 12 Team Rookie Draft Full PPR

I have the 1.04 & 1.05 picks. Should I grab 2 RBs or should I also target a WR & wait until my 2.07 pick to get a WR?

Did i see in another post that you also have D.Henry as well at RB? I think you should take a shot on the top RB that falls to you at 4, Barkley/Guice/Penny will most likely be gone so whoever you have ranked highest, i think if you pair them with Henry and Lewis you can get by or better if Henry is consistent and your rookie performs. Your WR core, you have big play potential in Fuller and to a degree in Hilton who has a less volatile floor when Luck plays so I don’t hate flexing someone like Fuller as a hit and hope kind of guy. You really need to get someone in who is going to get quality targets and a large number of them. If you have Henry as well at RB i might get aggressive here with trading the 1.05 and McCoy in a package for a better WR if you can get it done. The get best available at WR and RB with the other picks.

This is of course assuming that, you have Henry as listed before and if those top three runners are gone by your first pick at 4. If not and one of them is there take them and then the next best RB as well and still look to trade McCoy in a package to get a better quality WR in (not JuJu in another one of your posts either). You will have some building blocks if you have D.Henry, Lewis, Hilton, Crowell who could start and have some value, Duke might be able to do a job now and then as well for you, plus upside in Fuller, Mahomes, Stills this year so i’d keep them and include McCoy in trades to contending teams or RB needy ones and try and pry a WR away. But that’s just me

Edit - i have said not to take a rookie WR at the 4 or 5 because there will still be RB’s there worth having and rookie WRs can be volatile in the first year and you need help now not in two years time, so it may be as above that the pick and a package of players (bar the above names) will get you someone to plug in now and help your team day one.

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I traded D.Henry & 1.07 for the 1.04 & 1.05

What about trading McCoy for AJ Green?

If someone would trade you Green for McCoy then do it for sure, now you don’t have Henry i’d try and hold that number 5 pick if you can - offering pieces with McCoy like say Chris Thompson, maybe Monty you might be able to get it done. If you go through the guys top 25 rankings there are few guys, Green and Allen being the highest but would probably cost to much - you don’t want to cripple yourself.

Have a look at the rosters for the guys who own Green, Allen, Baldwin, Robinson, JuJu (i know i said before but as an option), Diggs, Gordon, Watkins, and see what they look like at RB and WR and go from there. One or more of them will likely have a hole, failing that what guys at WR do the most RB needy teams have, who can you poach? In an ideal world you would want to trade McCoy straight up but you may have to go for the - blind them with many players approach before conceding a draft pick for the right guy and then draft an RB at 4 and go for best available after that. As it’s full PPR sell McCoy hard on the fact that it’s very possible he’ll have well over 60 catches this year and lead the Bills in that regard, he would be a hold for contending teams so will be of value for them as a flex guy but for you one year help is fine but not ideal if you can get a piece to build for a few here

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