Dynasty '18 Rookie Draft Advice -12 team 0.5 PPR

I am entering my first rookie draft and was looking for some advice. I know that lots of things can change, especially with landing spots of rookies still to be determined. Here is my current Championship Team (by luck or by skill). Roster size is 30 with 2 IR spots.

QB: Stafford, Keenum, Dalton, Trubisky
RB: Bell, Fournette, Mixon, Drake, Darkwa, Gallman, DeAndre Washington, Ivory
WR: Fitzgerald, Hilton, Kupp, Benjamin, Parker, Jordan Matthews, Golladay, Hollins, Chad Williams, Ryan Grant
TE: Ertz, Henry, Ricky Seals-Jones, Clay
K: Butker
DL: Mack
LB: Deion Jones, Jatavis Brown
DB: Clinton-Dix, Jamal Adams

I have the 1.12, 3.12, 4.12 and 5.12. A couple of ideas I had with this roster.

  1. Trade Henry and draft a replacement. What should I ask for in return?
  2. Target a top tier TE/QB with first pick and wait till '19 to find WR. Trade back for future picks?

Any advice about how to approach rookie draft would be greatly appreciated.

I would keep Henry. With the TE position being as limited as it is, having 2 of what some people would consider the top 5 TE is a luxury. If you are determined to trade H Henry away, then I would ask for the 1.04/1.05 or equivalent value.

For your second question. Yes, I would absolutely trade back into the 2nd round for two or three picks. The 2018 rookie draft is expected to be deep.

I don’t see TE/QB as a need for your team. IMO, you need a WR1 and another RB1/RB2.

As for the rookie draft, I experienced my first last year and was super nervous. My advise would be to stay fluid. I was able to trade back, during the draft and profit off others who wanted my pick.

An alternative strategy would be to package a few players/picks to go after a WR1 or RB1. Maybe Mike Evans; some people are down on him.