Dynasty 1qb adding a SuperFlex position after 3 years...Best Practice?

Hello All,

In a 12 team half point 1 qb dynasty league, going into year 3. Good owners, lots of chatter, lots of activity.

Lately there’s been a call by more than a few to add a superflex position. We’ve tossed around some ideas, implementing in the 2021 season, adding all but 1 qb from each team into rookie drafts…But we’re unsure of best path.

Has anyone encountered this same scenario? What did you do that worked or didn’t work?

Thanks all,

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I think you have to keep 1 and throw the rest in the pool, per team. Otherwise someone will horde QB this year and it will suck. Putting them in with rookies is a fine solution since it forces folks to decide which they value more. That seems to level the field a bit.