Dynasty 1qb league trade question

Rodgers/Hopkins for Lamar/Boyd…

full point PPR…

other QB I own are teddy, carr, minshew… have nice WR already, but not a true #1


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I am not sure I would do that. I like the long term value of Jackson over Rodgers, and I am not sure Boyd is in a bad place. I actually think he is a good pick this year for dynasty. That said, Hopkins is the better WR. If you are really struggling there, I would consider it.

In the end, though, with this being dynasty I think the end is nearer for ARod / Hops than the other two. That is largely how I am looking at it. Not a knock on either side talents wise.

Not sure if this helps, but those are my thoughts.

Yeah, I think the same… just trying to improve the team… not sure how much improvement this gives me. However, I don’t think ljax will have the same type of year… and right now his value is the highest it will be… so…

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Completely agree on this. I believe this is the high water mark for him. I think he will stay productive and useful, but moving him ATM will net a great return. I guess I am just not sure that is a great return in my eyes. I know things are relegated to what your trade partners have, but maybe you can trade for something from someone else? Just a thought.

I still like LJax over time better, and I think Hops is a more mature player. I would go for a better younger guy if you can. Maybe that is where I am getting stuck?

Again, I do not hate it but I feel like you might be able to do better.

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I do have another offer for ljax/pick 2021 1 and pick 2021 2 for Wentz/Jacobs… but that is probably 2 much?

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Unless you are really needing RB, I would probably hold.

That said, I do like Wentz tonnes and think Jacobs is a good back. I would consider this mostly if you thought you were going to be to top tier team. Next year is looking pretty good for the draft, and if you have an early pick you could likely land a talent as good or better than Jacobs IMHO. But if you think you are a contender this year, there could be value to taking Jacobs right now to better ensure you have a contender year. If that makes sense?

I would ask them to throw in something else. Maybe a 3rd/4th for either year or back your 2nd to your 3rd? But if they do not budge and you are happy with having Wentz / Jacobs to ensure a dominate season, I do not hate it.

Yes, I already have Kamara, CMC, and Ekeler. The ultimate goal is to get a WR1. I do have some really good WR2 and WR3. Not really any WR1 as it stands now. Now you might say then why trade for Jacobs…well we can start 4 RB. Starting lineup requires 2RB, 2WR and 2 flex. The only other offer I had was for Rodgers/Hopkins. I am not really excited about going into the season with Rodgers as my primary QB, so that is why I didn’t make that trade (although I still could). If I were to trade for Jacobs, that would give me Kamara, CMC, Ekeler and Jacobs at RB. QB would then be Wentz, and WR would be boyd, lockett, woods and metcalf to choose from. If I made the other trade, I would have Rodgers as QB and Hopkins as WR, and then still Kamara, CMC and Ekeler. WR last longer for sure… but Rodgers has gone down in the last few years and my next year pick would likely be a lower one as it is this year and not sure I would be able to draft a QB to replace him.

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It is too bad as Hopkins should be a nice WR for a few more years. I think that he would add stability to your core, especially with your RB room being bombtastic. Well done there!

Rodgers is a fair concern moving forward, and I think he is looking a bit more washed than folks think. Not that he will be bad, but I see him being more a secure QB with a high ceiling. Something just seems off for him. Could be any number of things. Just seems to be not what we have been used to. Admittedly that still puts him above most other QB in the league.

What other QB are available? Is it a case where you could grab someone else to back him up or even sell him for a younger guy? There are a few out there that are interesting to me. Maybe taking that offer to get Hopkins and flipping AARod is not bad?

As well, nothing wrong with taking Jacobs and having a thick RB squad. You would likely be able to move Jacobs (or whomever) to another team for a WR. While it might be a risk, and people are all over the board on him, OBJ could be had at a fair price. JJSS is also souring some folks. They might be attainable. Also, DJM is a target that is not impossible to land. Folks are concerned with R Anderson / Teddy Two Gloves in town.

Possibly looking at this trade as a way to open up other avenues and not the end point might get your options wider? I normally make trades for pieces I have no interest in keeping but believe I can move for more than current pieces I have. Sometime, well often times, a hot name pulls more than its weight.

Well, that is what I was thinking. I do have, bridgewater, carr and Minshew. I was thiking I could take Jacobs and Wentz, and that would put me in the drivers seat for sure… however, it would leave me with no picks for next year. However, I do have pick 1.12 for this year, so I could always get a QB there, since most people have a nice qb already and in a 1 qb league, most people wouldn’t be looking for that. I could also take Jacobs or Ekeler and move them for a WR, but then that would basically be the same thing as trading for rodgers/hopkins. But in that choice, I wouldn’t be giving up any picks for next year.

So basically I have 2 options… jacobs/wentz for 2021 picks round 1 and round 2 and ljax, or rodges/hopkins for ljax/boyd or ljax/lockett. In either case, I still have my pick 1.12 for this year.

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That is a good thought about the picks. Sorry, I forgot about those and was just thinking players. Given all that, I think it would make the most sense to go AARod / Hops and give up LJAX / Lockett. I love Lockett, but I cannot see a way DKM doesn’t make it harder for him. Dorsett might play a bigger spoiler as well in SEA. Regardless, you are lessening exposure to a not so pass friendly team (thus far) and getting a stud WR. Keeping your picks also makes it feel better.

I think you could be smart to go QB at the 1.12. No one is likely thinking that. And if they are, just grab another young hot name and use it as trade with AARod (or whomever).

Seeing you roster and getting a better sense of things, IF you are wanting to trade it makes most sense to do AARod / Hops. You achieve your WR1 guy, get a decent QB at the worst and retain your picks. I can certainly see how that pushes your team up.

I like talking this through. I go through very similar conversations when dissecting trade, but only in my head :wink: Have a sounding board was pretty cool. I hope this helped at all and it certainly appears that you have a strong squad!

Yes I like talking it though also. I am just wondering if hopkins is really worth it. Giving up ljax and lockett for really 1 player… aarod is really only serviceable one more year… imho.

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I get that idea. I understand the two strong versus one stud. In this case, though, I would say that the stud is better than Lockett again I like him and if QB is not over-valued you do not really gain as much of a bonus. That said, as mentioned previously, I would not mind that move but do not feel compelled to take it. LJAX will be a big help on your team and Lockett is no slouch. It just seemed like you were really wanting the more true WR1 guy on your team.

If that is the case, I do not mind the trade. If you are good with a bunch of strong guys but no massive studs at WR then you are in a great place. I would totally sit tight and not feel like I was making a mistake. I think at this point it comes down to how much you want to keep as is. I like moving for more risk. It does not always pay off :wink:

I really appreciate all the feedback. Just having someone to bounce it off of really helps. The difference in scoring between ljax and rodgers last year was about 125points. However, ljax was playing at a pro bowl + level… so that is not likely to happen this year and he will come down to earth some for sure.