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Dynasty 1rd or 2 rd penalty


I am starting a dynasty and I trying to figure out if i want to make it a 1 round penalty for next years keepers or a 2 round penalty. I have no idea what works best long term. Please any advice is helpful, this is a big debate in our league and I want to get it cleared up before the draft.


If it is a true dynasty league, there should be no penalty. A manager’s whole team remains the same season after season, not counting players dropped/added/drafted.

What you are referring to sounds more like a keeper league. Generally managers are allowed to keep a certain number of players on their team from one season to the next and then the rest of the team is filled like a redraft league.


Valid point. We are doing a 9 keeper league then I guess. With 20 total roster spots over the season. No limit to how long you can keep a player. But when it comes to this many keepers or a legit dynasty, I have no how to set up the guidelines??


Our keeper league had a 2 round penalty and players drafted on the first 2 rounds aren’t eligible. Waiver pickups cost a 10th


Sounds good :ok_hand:


In my keeper league we do an accelerated penalty. So this year I get to keep Jordan Howard for a 10th round pick. That means next year he’s worth a 9th rounder. In two years he is worth a 7th. Third year he’s worth a 4th. And the 4th year he’s worth a 1st. It allows people to keep most guys for a few years but also keeps people from keeping for ever.

So basically …

1st year - 1 round penalty
2nd - 2 round
3rd - 3 round etc…


How many keepers are you allowed to keep?
This set up is pretty awesome.


We do two, but this can work for way more id imagine.


Thank you. I really like this idea