Dynasty 1stpic

Ppr 2 flex and one superflex dynasty…who would you take as the 1st pic?

gurley. superflex be damned, its too hard to find young RBs who can produce for years.

OBJ is 1.01 for me, comfortably, in every format.

I just took Hopkins at the 1.01 in a similar format league. Gurley went immediately after. I can tell you that when I made my second pick at 2.12, the RB situation was getting slim quickly, so BusterD may have been on to something with his previous comment on this thread.

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I did a mock with Hopkins and ended up with Mixon and Howard as RBs…Ballers said they’d go WR with their first pick (Beckham or Hopkins)
I think Gurley first will more than likely be what I end up doing

I’d imagine Drake, Guice Penny and/or Michel would be available where you got Howard. I’d be very comfortable with any of them as my RB2/3. Howard would the last on that list for me.