Dynasty 2 for 2 advice

Fuller and Robert Foster for Ekeler and Robby Anderson

Relatively fair? One side more lopsided than the other? what could balance out, i.e. rookie picks, tier player

Another package I thought of with the same owner would be for Coleman and James Washington.

12 team half ppr

I prefer fuller to Anderson. Injury risk is always there but when he’s on, the connection between him and Watson is pretty remarkable. People always talking about regression but we have enough data points now to see how crucial he is to that offense. As far as I’m concerned, with Nuk drawing double coverage, as long as Fuller is on the field, he’s a WR2 and borderline WR1.

ALso prefer foster to Ekeler. Ekeler to me is just a satellite back and pretty heavily capped upside. He just will never pass Gordon. And even when Gordon is injured, you see him splitting time.


Thank you for the input. I agree on Fuller and hold him in higher value than most people would with the injury history.
My issue is that I went WR heavy in the start up and will likely need to use someone of Fuller’s calibre to get a flex worthy RB I can use on a weekly basis.

I agree with @MikeMeUpp on this one. I do not feel like it is a slam dunk, but i think I would rather Fuller and Foster. More so, if you are looking for RB I think you might do better than Eckler. I think he is pretty good, but not dependable. He (as noted) is likely only a time-share back and not a RB1.

That is a fair assesment. At this stage it is the flex worthy/low floor rb2 I am looking for, but can appreciate the two guys i would be trading away have too much upside.

I also would go foster and Fuller! The connection with Watson is awesome.