Dynasty 2QB Trade : Mahomes Value

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Hi Guys, Considering this trade:
2018 1st + Jermaine Gresham
for Patrik Mahomes + ASJ
my 2nd QB is carson palmer so i need a next year solution,
My team is pretty strong now, so is estimate 2018 1st will be a late pick.
whay say you?

I think it’s a fair trade. Personally, I’d consider ASJ as an upgrade for Gresham, since he’ll have little competition in NY as far as other pass-catchers go and has the upside to become a low-end TE1 on an admittedly capped offense. Mahomes with Andy Reid definitely excites me longterm, but there’s a big question mark as to when he’ll hit the field. Now Alex Smith is no Brett Favre, but just a reminder that Aaron Rodgers sat the first 3 years of career. If Smith keeps winning games for KC in that game-management offensive scheme, there’s not going to be a rush to replace.

While I’m not sure I would want to pay that right now, it makes sense situationally for you. The reality is Mahomes is a guy who will completely bust or be worth way more than a 1st round pick so it’s a gamble that could pay off. Personally, I’d start by shopping for someone like Bortles first, but this is a fine trade to take if you can’t get a more known commodity.

Got turned down on most trade offers on “medium” level starting QBs, couldn’t even get Glennon or Alex Smith…
I’ll roll the dice on this…