Dynasty 2TE and Superflex

What priority would you have players in this type of dynasty league
1Qb, 2Rbs, 2Wrs, 2Tes, 1Superflex with TESCO being 1.5ppr everyone else 1ppr
Definitely adds a lot to the draft

I have the 1.04, 2.09, 3.04 etc

My priorities would look something like this:

I wouldn’t necessarily stick to this strictly though. If there’s a better value at something that’s a ‘lower priority’, take it.

I think my question was more driven towards, Would you really try taking a TE or QB before a second WR of RB. Considering it’s a 2TE and Superflex League.

I would not

I would not draft to fill a starting lineup. But you can draft the best player available based on tiers or positional scarcity.