Dynasty 4th round flyer help

So there isn’t much left on the board IMO.

But if you were just taking best talent or best chance to be good this year or next… Who would you pick. Don’t really need anything specific on my team that I haven’t already addressed.

This is a 12 team ppr league

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Daniel Jones is the clear choice. The anti-hype on him is absurd.

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Josh Oliver is who I would go with personally.Keesean Johnson is another.

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Have Njoku and McDonald.

If you were offered Tyler Eifert or cj uzomah or Jordan Thomas.
Not sure I’m really excited about any of those 3 but I was offered it.

Would you trade your pick for any of those guys instead of picking from my list?

I’d take Daniel Jones. Easy pick in the 4th round.

Made my pick… Thanks guys