Dynasty .5ppr Trade

Was offered David Montgomery & 2020 3rd for Josh Jacobs. Thoughts/input?

Absolutely yes. Take that deal.

Chicago is in loooooooovve with Montgomery. They traded up to get him, and they’re showing all the classic signs of making a guy super involved. I was way off on what I said here about tiers, but I still stand by that you take this trade

You now also swap a running back on an offence with questions marks and an insane receiver with one who is on a playoff team offence who won 12 games last year and loves the RB position.

Also you get a third and I love a good scratch & win.

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I promise you by the end of the preseason Montgomery will have passed J.Jacobs ADP and there will be no way this deal would be done/Offered. While I’m still happy with Jacob’s and as @morestagedives said there both living in the same tier. I’d much rather have the player in what seems like should be the better offense

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