Dynasty advise

So I’ve been playing fantasy for a while now but now deciding to dive into a dynasty league. It will be a 10 team start up. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

biggest thing would be to not overvalue age and the future. every dynasty draft im in, there is always one person who will draft so many rookies and 2nd year players and they tend to reach for them and pass on proven players that are able to help them win now. I tend to try to balance those so I can win now but also have a group of younger players that I keep on the bench to develop.

Yeah that was kind of my thought. The way it’s set up is we are drafting 17 rounds (dst and k are being drafted). The first year we are keeping 5 and then 10 every year after that. So I want to grab some higher “stars” as well as younger guys. Our draft spots starting year 2 are based on finisbing position so we can trade draft picks.

Few quick tips:

  • ABC… always be closing. Or winning in this case. You never know how long a league will last. The average life of a dynasty league is 3 years (heard on one of the 1000s of pods I’ve listened too.) Play to win now. Or try to rebuild for the immediate next year. Never set your sites beyond that.

  • Forget the notion that players you draft are yours “forever”. In most of my leagues I have 2-5 players total, three years after a startup draft. This will fluctuate depending on the activity in a given league. After the startup you can fall in love with your players. Overvalue them. Can’t play scared. Once I realized this, made some trades and this is when things got fun and I started to win.

  • Don’t feel locked into a league. If you are not having fun, if dynasty is not for you, if life becomes busier than expected, if you find a better league… don’t be afraid to leave. Your commissioner and fellow league-mates will thank you (if not immediately than later) for it.


Going into the start up draft have a solid understand of start up values for trading picks…and understand the value of future rookie picks…a 2020 first round pick is not equal to startup 1st round pick…

2020 1st-6/7 round value
2020 2nd- 9/10 round value

Make sure you take value regardless of position trading is more prevalent in dynasty…if you draft kelce and ertz falls to the 5-6th round dont be afraid to stack them and trade later. Same can be said for RB value they dont last as long but they are huge trade chips…

Alot of people would trade cooper for bell with out thinking twice but its hard to swing that trade as the cooper owner…they are valued at similar place in the start up draft 2.08.

I just did my first dynasty startup draft in early July and one of the things that really helped me prepare was to use the dynasty mock draft tool on Sleeper. It can help give you a decent idea of the ADP for players in dynasty which can be much different than re-draft. It will also give you a good idea of what spot you like to draft out of incase you wanted to try trading draft order.