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Dynasty Advise!

Here’s my Sleeper Team! Should I move any parts? Matthew Stafford and Big Ben are available…

And, this is the first year playing in a Dynasty League (I’m the Commish too). Any recommendations for the off-season?

Waivers/Free Agents… Does the typical Dynasty league leave FA open throughout the year? Or should I change it to 24/7 Waivers? Maybe FA open on Weekends, but Waivers during the week?

What are your thoughts???

I’m trying to make sure my league stays active and has fun throughout the year so all advise and suggestions are welcomed!

Welcome the Fantasy Footballers Forum @Andrew22490!

It’s hard to recommend specific player transaction not knowing you league. My suggestion for a new league is try to learn your league mates as much as possible. Light up that Sleeper thread with questions/comments. Try to find out each manager’s favourite team. Maybe some are willing to share where they live. You could even through out hypothetical trades. Often I will request advise on a potential trade by posting the transaction from one dynasty league to another, provided there are no franchise managers that overlap.

Regarding leagues staying active, I’ll post to this thread to keep all thoughts about new dynasty leagues together.