Dynasty Auction Keeper ($140 cap): D. Cook or J. Conner

Hi All, I was wondering for some advice on who to keep between the two RBs.

Cook is $6 and will be $21 next year
Conner is $4 and will be $6 next year

I feel Cook is the better player with less competition but Conner will be cheaper next year and has a pretty good situation.

Any advice will be appreciated

Easily Conner based on the price difference. He’s 3-4x cheaper than Cook and Cook isn’t 3-4x better.

So you don’t think Samuels and Snell are a threat to his production?

Samuels might take some catches away? But other than that I think they’re just depth pieces. I’m not concerned about either guy.

thanks i appreciate the advise

It’s cook for me. The $2 differential this year is what does it for me. Next year, who knows what’s going to happen in steelers. Conner is great but a product of the steelers system. Still not there in terms of talent. Cook was my RB1 out of that class and has shown it from a talent perspective but has not been healthy. Definitely a risk but I don’t think there’s a risk of cook being displaced by talent next season where as Conner does. And I have cook in a higher rank than Conner in this season as well.

I think samuels def can eat into his production, especially in passing work where he proved to be more efficient. Even when conner came back last season, samuels had higher targets than him. And to be frank, COnner’s health is also a risk. He has yet to complete a full season himself and had a pretty nasty ankle injury last season. And to be clear, I’m not worried about Snell or Samuels displacing him, I’m more worried about the 2020 class talent displacing him.

Also solid Points.
My other RBs are McCaffrey, K. Johnson and Justice Hill (full dynasty with a college draft, just in case you were wondering how I have all 4 guys). My plan is to trade Cook or Conner for D. Adams as they are the only options I have outside of CMC (not trading) to net Adams (He’s looking for an RB1.

I would assume you have to give up Cook or Conner + to get Adams. If you can get Adams 1 to 1 for either of those, i’d jump on that like white on rice.

Also one other thing to consider, steelers just brought in Samuels college coach as their new RB coach. Probably get him some playing time.

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Yeah it would most likely be one of them for Adams straight up. Adams is already @ $21 and he has some other WR, so he’s looking for a cheap RB1.

Jump on that. I would push for conner personally, but if you can land adams with either, huge steal for you. Adams is my WR1A going forward.

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Yea I’m leaning that way, I love Adams, guy is just incredible.

Thanks for the advice again.

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