Dynasty Auction League

Feel free to comment if you are interested. I am EXTREMELY passionate about having a quality league and will be picky about who i allow in. I will do a short q and a with prospective members.

This will be a 12 team league that i will invite 16 people into. Once 16 have joined (and not yet paid) we will vote on a live draft time. The result that gets the most votes will be our live draft startup time. Those who cannot participate will be removed. and we will get to 12.

League is reasonably basic outside of that. Superflex. Half PPR. $33 entry paid this and next year up front. Hosted on sleeper, Money held in Leaguesafe

The leagues bylaws is a large document but theres really nothing terribly complicated. We are starting the league cenered around 4 extremely active, fun members, and want to build an awesome league for a decade. Below are the bylaws

Anybody interested?

Still in need for about 6 more

Still looking? You can @KingStannis on sleeper to discuss further

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Hey, I’m interested. My sleep user is Sitdownson

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I messaged you on sleeper! Thanks

I sent you a dm in sleeper!

I’m interested! My sleeper name is PapaJibbletts or discord is MrJibbletts#7504 - feel free to reach out on either! @A_Chill_Dill

Check sleeper DMs

If not full, interested - sleeper = spartakiade

Interested if not full- Sleeper name: seallison13

Sleeper: BTass21