Dynasty Barkley for Cooks and Watkins

Im thinking of offering Cooks and Watkins for Barkley, am i crazy?
My other WR are:
Keenan Allen
Odell Beckham jr.
Alshon Jeffery
Devante Parker
Geronimo Allison
Courtland Sutton
James Washington

That’s not even close to a reasonable offer.

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I wouldn’t even bother wasting my time with a counter if I was the other guy and got that offer from you. Probably wouldn’t engage in trading with you for rest of the season.

That is insulting.


This tells me that I am being crazy (should have stated that thats how I was seeing it). First year doing dynasty, and I used a dynasty calculator that said this was about even. I thought barkley was worth more but didnt know because I’ve been told receivers are more valuable for dynasty. Thank you for the non judgemental input though.

Dynasty calculators are a joke when it comes to multi player deals. They’re only somewhat useful when you’re trying to trade two players of roughly equivalent value. I mean you could technically add up 4-5 bench players and they could equal a starter.

I’d think about it more in terms of draft capital. Barkley is a top 6 pick in dynasty this days. Most of the top, even top 4, sometimes 1.01 is what I’ve seen. But worst case, I’ve seen him go 1.06.

Cooks is maybe a 4th rounder at best, watkins typically goes in the 6th, maybe 5th at best.

Would you give up your top 6 pick for a 4th and a 6th?


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