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Dynasty Best Practice Question - Rookie Picks

Dynasty question: What is typical for dynasty in terms of how many years out teams are eligible to trade rookie picks? I am new to dynasty but am curious how leagues usually run, and also what seasoned dynasty guys would advise for new dynasty players.

I am tempted to limit it to just the upcoming year, at least at first, since everyone will be new to the dynasty format. I don’t want to be too restrictive, but I also realize there will be a lot of excitement and confusion about valuing and trading rookie picks out of the gate for all of us.

Trading this year’s and next year’s picks is more than enough. People trading picks 2 years out, especially in free leagues, leave the team if not successful, sometimes even if they won it all. I’ve never heard a good point about trading picks 2 years out even in a devy dynasty.

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One big rule I’ve heard that helps is that you can only trade picks for years where you’ve already paid your dues. That way people can’t sell their future to win now and then just leave the league having screwed over everyone. Then if they do that anyway, whoever takes over their garbage team will have their entry paid, so they have a year to try and fix their roster for free.

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Oh yeah, I appreciate that @Nicknj12! I have that rule in place already. (I am writing up a constitution for the league so we all are on the same page.) Thanks for the input! I think it’s a great safeguard and makes a lot of sense, especially because we all will be new and I’m sure mistakes will be made… hahaha

And thanks for the tip, @CoachSchneider. That makes sense to me, and that’s why I’m leaning to only trading one year at a time, at least at first. If we want to add the possibility of trading for the following year eventually, it would probably be better after we have an established understanding and economy of draft pick value within the League. For now I might just say trade for the year at hand, and that’s it for now.

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Yeah agree with @Nicknj12 always make sure people paid for next year before they can trade picks. In one of my leagues, once a trade for next year’s pick is done, players have a couple days to pay if they haven’t already. Otherwise trade will be reversed.