Dynasty Blockbuster Trade Help

20 Team PPR
My team is a serious rebuild and Im trying to build up picks and prospects and I have this offer on the table from someone

Give Calvin Ridley and Engram
For Irv Smith, Pittman, 2 2021 1sts and a high 2021 2nd

I think its a fair offer i just am really hesitant to give up Ridley. Am i dumb for not smashing accept?

I don’t think I would make that deal. Downgrading from Engram to Smith Jr. and from Ridley to Pittman Jr. is a lot, in my opinion, and though the 2021 picks are nice, there’s too much uncertainty. I’d rather keep young players I know are good on my team than trade them away for shots at young guys who might be good more than a year from now. The return package you’re getting doesn’t have any guaranteed good players. A bunch of shots, sure, but none of what you’re getting back has proved to be good in the NFL (and that’s coming from somebody who likes Pittman Jr. and Smith Jr.).

I wouldn’t do this deal.

@blazersbysagar 100% agree. Ridley and engram are good rebuild pieces being so young. Only way I see this trade working out is if you are rebuilding because you severely lack at the rb and qb positions and have depth at Wr

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If you are willing to commit on rebuild and forget about 2020 already then do the deal. Engrams is as uncertain as smith but smith might emerge and take over from Rudolph in 2021. Ridley is good but one can be optimistic about pittman. And getting 3 picks for next year on top of yours is pretty nice. Giving away these 2 guys might put you in the position of getting high 1st rounder anyway so you are set for the draft.

No risk no fun, I’d do the trade

Thanks, I ended up doing the deal. I took over this team a few weeks ago from someone who left the league and it wasnt in great shape so im definitely just punting on 2020 and looking ahead to next season. Was able to get Swift and Dobbins in the draft and so after this trade I will have 4 firsts next year that will hopefully set me up pretty well

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