Dynasty Champ Roster Advice

Any advice for my team, won a #Footclantitle last year and want to go back to back! Some guys on my bench are: Josh Allen, James Washington, Michael Gallup, Funchess, Devante Parker, Robert Foster, Mark Andrews.

Should I trade one of my main RBs for another stud WR or am I sitting ok?

Not much you need to do. Your team is super stacked. Aaron Jones is an RB1 to me this year if he stays healthy.

I would probably go out now and get ahead of the game and acquire a good QB though. You have a decent amount of depth to do it. Don’t want to wait till after cam gets injured to do it or you’ll get charged a fortune. Allen can be usable but I wouldn’t feel great about relying on him. Can just pay for a cheap older guy like Rivers/Brees/etc.

I love Aaron Jones, hoping he pays off. Jones, Fournette, and Henry I think could all be RB1s this year if they stay healthy.

And one owner has Mahomes and Watson and I’ve been offering Cam plus for him and he won’t budge.

Thanks man!

Well you’re trying to target Mahomes who is the QB1 right now. Would be nice to get but not really worth paying the price. Like I said, if you want to win a chip, just go and get one of the cheaper/older options. Ryan would be my top target. I have him finishing top 5 this year. But rivers/brees are also good.

And depending on what you’re trying to package with Cam, it likely isn’t enough given Cam’s shoulder/injury problems.

And regarding Henry being an RB1, I’ll just say lol. Derrick Henry and Devante Parker by my estimation are the 2 dynasty assets that just keep on giving. Can’t think of any other players that offer more sell high opportunities than those 2 when accomplishing nothing their entire careers.

Nope, trying to get Watson not Mahomes, never going to pay up that much. And we will see about Henry, odds are he won’t be a RB1 but if I don’t get a good offer for him I’m keeping him. They have built the entire team around him this offseason so we will see!

Your team is extremely stacked!
Is this a 8 team league? LOL :slight_smile:

I slightly disagree with @MikeMeUpp, I like Allen a lot as your backup. He may not be the greatest at football, but he won’t let you down at fantasy with his legs.

Do you have an upcoming rookie draft ahead?

Haha no it’s a 12 team. Got Jones and Henry for pretty much nothing at the beginning of last year. And yes we do have a rookie draft, my first pick isn’t until round 2 pick 5 so not much will be happening for me.