Dynasty? Chris Carson or Kenneth Dixon, 2019 4.3

Chris Carson
Kenneth Dixon, 2019 4.3

Chris carson 100% imo.

Keneth dixon is behind ingram for sure and he is injury prone. The 4th round pick 3 has no value at all imo.

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Carson for me. This trade only becomes interesting if Dixon has an unexpectedly large role behind Ingram or Penny jumps ahead of Carson. I don’t see either being too likely.

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Agree with the above Carson for me. I think Penny will take some work but given how much Seattle run the ball there is more than enough volume to go around.

Dixon could get some work from Ingram but there is an argument to be made that he’s 3rd on that depth chart now behind Ingram and Edwards and isn’t forcing Ingram out if he couldn’t force Edwards out last year. Dixon needs an injury ahead of him to be relevant while Carson is a high end RB2 with possible low end RB1 upside if the TDs go his way.

Plus the draft picks after the top of the 3rd at best in dynasty are all a crap shoot so the 4th rounder has next to no value here so it’s really Carson for Dixon if you want to view it that way which is a huge no from me.

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