Dynasty: Chris Godwin for Michael Thomas

It’s a .5PPR superflex dynasty league. I’m the MT owner, but I’m also a Bucs fan. Can someone give me their non-biased opinion on whether I should take this? Godwin is younger and plays the slot in an Arians offense. MT is a reception machine but hurt. Both have aging QBs.

I would keep Thomas

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Care to elaborate as to why? Is it because MT is the clear #1?

I would keep Thomas - Brady might be in his last year and the Bucs don’t have a good backup, the saints have jamis as the succession plan so I feel more comfortable with their future.

Also Godwin has to share with Evans as a top tier WR, when Thomas has no other premier WR

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As long as Arians and Leftwich are calling the plays, I’d rather have Godwin for the long term. He’s younger, healthy now and finished #2 WR last year. I don’t see MT being that much better than Godwin, long term.

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Problem is, Arians likely will go when Brady goes, so that’s two years max. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, even when Brees leaves, Payton is still there and possibly Jameis.

But they are grooming Leftwich to be Arians’ successor and Rosen was brought in to follow in Brady’s footsteps. I don’t think this team misses a beat when Brady and/or Arians leave town. I’m a life long Bucs fan.

Same, and I don’t have quite such a rosie view of the future as you do without knowing the heir apparent to Brady. This team has never been able to find a long term QB. To say they won’t “miss a beat” is a stretch, IMO. Rosen could be it, but it would be foolish to just assume he would wake up and be a good QB.