Dynasty Chubb trade help!

So I’ve been trying to get Nick Chubb in a dynasty league but the trade he’s insisting on will hurt my flex. My starting RBs are Lindsay and Marlon Mack or Ingram… I have Julio and Davante Adams starting at WR but it’s a double flex league so Is it worth it?

My team gets:
Nick Chubb
Andrew Luck
D.J. Moore
Kenyan Drake
2020 2nd Round

His team gets:
Amari Cooper
Brandin Cooks
Mark Ingram

Wow this is incredibly tough. I think I would do it, but also I’d try to rebuttal with not taking Luck (unless you really need a QB) and asking for a 2020 1st instead of the 2nd… or add a 2020 3rd to his 2020 2nd as well.

Yea I took a QB really late so I have Jameis starting… people were taking 3 QBs

Wow, is this a superflex?

I also don’t think Jameis is a bad dynasty QB to have. And there will also be plenty of great rookie options next year.

No not even! They were jus taking them for trade bait. And I like Jameis but he can disappear sometimes so I’m not sure if I can trust him