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Dynasty commish

Hey all, I’m having some issues with the league. They want a shorter bench to have people free in waivers by 1 to 3. I have explained multiple times, it’s a dynasty so deep benches and more trades/less waivers. I’m running out of ways to prevent this from being cut down more, we have already cut the rosters by 5. Anyone out there with advice or a solution that would be decent?

We have a 10 man dynasty. Rosters are 25 (30 with taxi) deep consisting of 1qb, 2RB, 2WR, 2flex, 1te, 1 def, 1k 15 bench spots and 5taxi.

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So I run a 14 man league with only 6 bench spots, but 10 taxi. You could try increasing taxi so dev players can sit while you have limited veteran space, maybe as initial middle ground turn 5 bench to 5 taxi and go from there?

Sorry for the late response. Yeah that seems small for a dynasty, but I get it for 14. We only have 10. So I made the decision of keeping it at a roster of 26 total. I appreciate your input.

Similar here. We expand rosters to 30 in the off season and previously cut rosters down to 25 for in-season. Result has been very few trades. So we voted to expand in-season to 27 for now to see if it helps. A few of us are trying to get it to 30 total, just can’t get the waiver-warriors on board. We have 0 taxi. We like the off-season roster being larger to carry developing talent, then forcing the hard decisions when the season starts. Maybe a 1-2 spot growth as a trial could be suggested?