Dynasty/Contract Startup

Looking for committed members who are interested in joining a group of 5-7 locals here in Buffalo, NY that are attempting to get an ambitious dynasty/contract league off the ground. Here’s some general info, but please email me for the bylaws if you want to get more info: at tiimbitz4786@gmail.com

Roster: 25 (no IR, no Taxi)
Starters: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX, FLX, SFLX
Scoring: PPR Te Premium (1.5), 6 pt PaTds

Dynasty Info:

There will be a snake draft at some point this off-season for the startup.
Any rookies drafted will get an automatic 4 year contract, and each team may choose 5 veterans to receive a 3 year contract. No team may draft more than 10 rookies to prevent rookie hoarding.

Each off-season, there are 4 main events.

  1. RFA period. Any team with a player on an expiring rookie contract can use an RFA tag to extend the contract by one year. Player can be stolen by any other league member however—based on a compensation formula.

  2. Franchise period. Each year, teams may franchise up to 3 total players on expiring contracts (with no more than 1 player at each position). There is draft cost to exercise the franchise tag depending on how many you tag each year.

  3. Free agent auction: Each year, everyone gets $1000 to bid on a free agent auction. Its use it or lose it.

  4. Rookie draft. 4 rounds.

If interested please email me at tiimbitz4786@gmail.com. I will forward you the bylaws (warning I am a lawyer so the bylaws are thorough–but the basic idea is encapsulated above).