Dynasty crossing road?

I’m defending champ in my dynasty league, but due in part to schedule and RB injury will be starting out 0-4. There are a couple stacked teams in the league, but when healthy I have a high rated squad. My question is, do I trade some players and get some picks, or gut it out and see if I can try to make a run with this squad (full ppr), here are the players worth mentioning:
qb - russell, carr, flacco
wr - AB, dhop, fitz, godwin, geronimo
rb - freeman, ingram, mccoy
te - rudolph

so my question is, do I try to get what I can for freeman and ingram in terms of youth and draft picks which will also probably ensure that i end up with a high first round pick myself next year and move forward building around dhop/brown…or do I try to flip brown into 3/4 first round picks plus player and go from there?

Is this league PPR or non-PPR?

Based on this roster this year you are a middling team - no offense.

You can’t trade Freeman now as his value is too low. However I would trade Mccoy for whatever you can get. Same with Fitz.

I would personally look to next year.

No offense taken, although when you run the point projections for the rest of the year, factoring in Ingram return and a healthy Freeman, I project to be a top 4 team, just know that that would take a great run to overcome and I have a tough schedule upcoming.

I have an offer for Ingram of the 49ers backfield (including McKinnon) which I will likely take as I like him in this offense next year.

I would hold on Ingram for a week or two. Difference between trading for Mckinnon and maybe getting back a blue chip player if Ingram blows up!