Dynasty cuts? Which two should I cut?

So below is my team I have
Will Fuller and Matt Berida in my IR spot and have to move them to my roster before our rookie draft in a week.

Who would you cut from my team to bring those two guys into my bench?
Dylan cantrell and Keith ford were mentioned before… But cantrell could see alot of playing time in 2019 as they haven’t signed 2 other WR for the chargers. so I am unsure if I should cut him.
Also blout was mentioned as a cut but I’m so weak at RB I am unsure.

Thanks for any help

I would make cuts in this order:

I agree with @fun4willis.


Thanks for the help… I’m so thin at RB… Do we just assume blout is done playing or is he going to just be trash no matter if or where he plays… I know he is old and didn’t do much last year but he did fill in a week or two for my team when kerryon hadn’t hit his stride or was injuried.

I do think Blount is done. At least done from a fantasy impact perspective.

As for your comment about being “thin at RB”, I’m a staunch proponent of value based roster management and trading in the the dynasty off-season. When do you have to set a lineup? Not til September, right? Lots of time to draft and make trades to increase the value of your roster and ultimately formulate your 2019 starting lineup.

You likely can’t start Blount week1. However you can make a trade with one of your other player who actually holds value to get a starting RB (RB1, RB2, or RB3).

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