Dynasty.. Daily vs weekly waivers?

Dynasty league plp.

What are the pros and cons of each.

Waivers that run every day
Waivers that run once a week.

Thanks for the help?

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During the season, it should always be weekly. But in the off-season — I much prefer daily! I think it encourages activity by rewarding those who keep up with off-season news. Also, it allows you to make more adjustments to your roster, which I think ultimately puts you in a better, more informed place when the season starts.

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@Ricky87 do you do $0 bids or is $1 the lowest?

We can do it in increments of one cent.

Daily all year except for open all Sunday and closed on Tuesday during the season. No punishment to people who work, but keeps wire open on Sunday for late injuries / inactive.

Almost everyone likes $0 bids, but I like $1 to prevent petty waiver blocks. You can still do it, but you pay for the privilege.

In Dynasty waivers should run on Sun, Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat in season. In the off season, once a week, typically a Wed is sufficient. 0$ minimum bids are a must, otherwise you are capping the number of transaction a team can make.

Waivers are not run Tues, which gives everyone a fair chance to consume the news from the weekend and generate their waiver claims. I prefer to run waivers on Sun and Monday because it is not fair to penalize a person for the day/time their players have a game. Obviously once a game starts, all players involved are locked on your starting lineup and free agency.

As an example Patriot play Lions on Sunday night. Chris Hogan goes down. You would not be able to pick up Malcom Mitchel when Sun morning’s waivers are processed, even though he’s a free agent.