Dynasty decision time

Hey y’all, take a look at this dynasty trade offer for me:

Nick Chubb
1.03 and Parris Campbell

Can you make any case for me hanging on to the 1.03 and Campbell here? It seems like an easy choice for me to go Chubb. Lemme know if I’m missing something.

Teams are scared of chubb with hunt in the mix. Chubb is the known commodity, I’d take him

With 1.03 you’d be able to get one of the big three running backs (according to Mike, Dobbins is in there along with Swift and JTT) so that’s nice but I agree with @pweek in that Chubb already is what you’re hoping any of those guys to be. With Stefanski coming in it’s a lot of new unknowns with the offensive scheme, but I think overall it’s a big upgrade (especially with the addition of Hooper). Having a better overall offense tends to greatly help the running back, especially if it’s a grinder like Chubb. Long way of saying I agree with @pweek but that’s my thought process :slight_smile:

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It’s all about the gamble, other factors come into play based off your team makeup. At 1.03 you get the leftovers of the top 3 backs, so if you’re not excited about all 3 I’d take chubb

thanks y’all - got him :slight_smile:

For me it is an easy choice for Chubb. Even with Hunt there, I believe Chubb gets better treatment this year in the passing game. While you could get a good replacement in the draft, at 1.03 you are getting one as opposed to choosing one. If that distinction makes sense? I love the 1.03 for its value, but I definitely know the value of Chubb. Campbell really does nothing for me in this trade, but he is a good name.

I am taking Chubb 100% here.

should have read everyone else on this. they already said everything i did! In that case, I agree completely with @allcaps18 and @pweek in this matter :grinning: