Dynasty depth advice - inputs appreciated

just about to start the 3rd year of a dynasty league and I’m struggling to decide what to do with my depth pieces. We’re running with very deep rosters - it’s a 12-team league with 10 starting roster spots (QB, 2xRB, 3xWR, TE, 3xFlex) and then 15 bench spots.

We just moved over to Sleeper and I’ve been looking at the waivers. There are some players on there that feel like they should be rostered, but at the same time I’m not sure if I should drop any of my players for them.

Currently my roster is:
QB: Brady, Goff, Darnold.
RB: McCaffrey, Harris, Javonte Williams, Drake, Mostert, Singletary, Kerryon Johnson, Ty Johnson, Hubbard.
WR: Diggs, Mike Evans, DJ Moore, Golladay, Agholor, Pittman, Kirk, Preston Wiiliams, Rashod Bateman, Dyami Brown, Mimms.
TE: Goedert, Fant, Logan Thomas

A few players of note on the waiver wire are:

  • Jordan Love
  • Tyrod Taylor
  • Kyle Trask
  • N’Keal Harry
  • Elijah Mitchell
  • Byron Pringle
  • Bevin Jordan

So the question is, would you drop any of the players I currently have rostered to pick up any of those bench names?

You’re strong at rb, but I still feel Elijah Mitchell should be rostered. For me it they move on from Mostert next season it won’t be to put the full load on Sermon, it will still be a committee in my opinion and Mitchell will be amongst the first who gets to make a claim at a share in it.

I’d be prepared to drop Preston Williams to add him.

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Preston Williams would be my drop too, but for a lateral move to another current #4 WR with upside–Byron Pringle. His QB is WAY better than Williams’. Robinson and Hardman both struggle with drops at times; Pringle could end up being Sammy Watkins, without all the injuries.

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Thanks both, yeah I had my eye on Preston as a potential drop candidate. I’m probably a bit more optimistic on him than the average manager due to being a Dolphins fan - I’ve imagined a scenario where we he replaces DeVante next season and so walks into either the #2 or #3 WR spot (depending on Fuller’s future). And I’m very optimistic about Tua’s future

Will definitely think on Mitchell and Pringle though. I almost drafted Mitchell in the 4th of our rookie draft this year but then Dyami fell to me. And a piece of the Chiefs pass game is very tempting.

What’s your take on Kerryon’s NFL future. He’s so hard to gauge after the latest setback, but it still feels like he’s young enough to come back and potentially take a starting job/strong committee role somewhere. Or do you think he’s just done at this point?

You might want to pump the brakes on that Tua optimism for a sec…

Dolphins Emerge as Frontrunner for DeSean Watson

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Honestly I have no idea. I hope he gets another opportunity but the injuries may have taken too much from him.

I think a team like Atlanta would be wise to give him a look when he’s healthy just in case. But if you were to drop him I don’t think he’d be a huge mistake for your team. His potential is much less than it was two years ago.

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I’m really skeptical about these reports - from a distance the “leaks” about Watson’s potential suitors seem to be coming from his camp, and I’d hazard a guess he/his agent are trying to keep the idea of a trade in the spotlight as he’s clearly desperate to get out of Houston.

I could be wrong, but I can’t see Grier/Flores making this kind of move when both the criminal case and the league’s position are still undetermined. They clearly feel the team can push further on this season and, given any trade would see Tua going in the other direction, that would risk them being without a starting QB for the season. That’s feels tantamount to hanging in your resignation from a team management perspective…

Breaking news I’ve just cleared up another roster spot so can grab them both. An owner in the league put Hopkins up for trade as he wanted to cash in for more depth. I managed to flip Golladay, Mostert, and Fant for Hopkins and Tua.

The Tua element is obviously a gamble given the news you mentioned, but feels worth it regardless.

Leaves me a bit short of TE depth, but I can work on that now as my WR core is stacked

Oh I totally agree. And there’s no way the Dolphins would pay the price that Houston is currently axing–even if all the legal issues suddenly went away. But I think the salient point is what fire there may be under the smoke–that maybe the Dolphins aren’t as happy with Tua as they hoped they would be.