Dynasty depth importance

I am new to dynasty this year and throughout the draft focused on RB/WR depth as opposed to QB depth. While some people picked up 5 QBs and seemed like logical trade partners but are asking for way too much in return.

ex. Receive Keenum and Booker
Give up: CJ Anderson and Corey Coleman

Is this a case of me not understanding dynasty or are people just trying to get one over on me?

Depends who your QB is but I don’t do that trade. QBs are a dime a dozen, keep your talent and depth because they think you NEED a QB where in reality they have no depth at RB/WR. So yes they will try to pull fast ones on you

I have Brady and Tannehill right now

Absolutely true what Hertel3k said…!

if you have Brady and tannehill, you have no problem at QB!
You could pick up or trade for “youth” at a later point and run with Tom at the moment…absolutely no need to trade for case, imo!

Are you in a 2 QB league? because thats the only reason i would even roster more than 2-3… If you’re in a 2 QB league then you dont even have enough QB’s to fill bye weeks and could use 1 more at least.

No just a 1 QB league, 25 man rosters though. Everyone has a least 3 QBs and the best available free agent QB is Flacco which is…not good

then id say your fine unless tannehill or brady go down. Enjoy the depth at the other positions

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Brady is fine, if your team is in the toilet near the end of the year you can trade Brady to a contender to “put them over the top” in exchange for a lesser QB or draft picks. You can always draft a rookie qb over the next few years and ride Brady until then.

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I like that idea but I honestly don’t think Brady will be able to keep up his production at this age and just a dart throw this year but I honestly think Joe Flacco will have like a last year Alex Smith season. So he might be worth a pick up in your dynasty league.