Dynasty Dilemma

Big drama in our dynasty league. 10 team, 0.5ppr, 2QB with three flex.

We’re in year two, and the reigning champ and a bottom dwelling rebuilding team pulled off a trade that has the league in serious turmoil.

Champ Receives - Zeke and Adams

Rebuilder Receives - CeeDee, two 2022 first round picks (both likely late firsts), and an early 2022 second

My rule of thumb is that collusion is the only circumstance in which a veto should be allowed, but the integrity of the league is being called into question.

For additional context, a contender traded McLaurin, Claypool, and a late 2022 first for Saquon and Waddle two weeks ago.

Would love any feedback as we’re dealing with this mess in real time. Thanks all!

The biggest thing for me as a dynasty commish has been to learn how to separate stupidity from collusion. In the first couple years of our dynasty league, we didn’t really know how to value picks. As a result, there were a few trades like this pulled off in my league. While on the surface it seems lopsided, in the long run, nobody knows.

Zeke has the 27 year old RB cliff to deal with next year, and Davante hasn’t been the same with the Packer’s more conservative offense. He is 28 and won’t be in GB next year, and typically FA Wide Receivers struggle to replicate the production they had with their previous team.

That said, instead of a package, he probably could have gotten more for them individually. But I don’t think it’s really unreasonable to pick up a young player like CD and grab picks.