Dynasty disaster

Dynasty help,
I have a old and shitty dynasty team. I have Antonio Brown, Gronk, Ertz and Ron Jones. Really no-one else outside of that. Not good news. I probably need to put AB on the trading block because of his age.
What should I try to get for him? Youth with an possibility and a future first round draft pick. Just not sure what I should be fishing for.
Any help is appreciated.

standard scoring. I have offer for 3 OK players and first round draft pick 2019 and 2020. Not sure if I should take that and just scrub this year.

take every single guy you mentioned and turn them into value trade. they are all studs (minus potentially jones) but you need depth. message people directly asking for two one deals. if you wanna push AB try for like a thielen and another player going in mid rounds. this will add depth and with depth you can shop future deals and turn your team around. from the sounds of it, you probably arent a league title contender right now so focus more abotu improving your team as a whole even if it means losing ab but gaining TWO competent receivers or losing gronk/ertz but gaining say evn engram and some depth. Also dont place too much value on draft picks because youll be waiting a long time for those to pan out.

I traded for AB last year. The trade was…
A.Brown, Stafford and the 30th overall
Jeremy Hill, Rob Kelley, Drew Brees, the 2nd, 7th, and 14th overall picks.

Hope this gives a reference point of value from last year. I still think you could get close if not more.

Who are the players?

AB and Ertz for Crabtree, D Thomas, Watson (I have no QB and the waver wire is thin as everyone has 2 qbs even though we play one) and then 2019 and 2020 first round picks.
Let me know what you think? Is this a comparable trade?

I wouldnt give ertz as well. I wouldhold on to ertz and trade gronk in a seperate trade and see if you cant get a good haul for him. If you need the qb then go ahead. Just remember crabtree and thomas are older may only get a year or two out of them guaranteed.

I ended up getting Watson, crabtree and corey davis plus 19 and 20 first rounders for AB. Feel good about the whole thing. Now looking to shop Ertz and gronk.

Gonna wait to shop Gronk until I’m more completely out on this year. May try to get Trey burton and 2nd round 19 pick for Ertz. Thoughts?

On the face of it i wouldn’t have traded Brown for that, even in rebuild. The picks are okay but Davis and Watson are the only guys there, and they are still largely unproven. Thomas and Crabtree are on the downturn and not on the best passing offenses, i think you may have given your best trade chip for someone else’s throwaway players here. Watson while he is fine the sample size is what 5 games? Hopefully he works out and stays a top 10 every week guy for you and Davis turns into the WR1 we hope but the jury is firmly out right now.

I’d hold Ertz for now to be honest, he’s young and well used on a good offense and as the decision is a wasteland i’d stick with the known.

Gronk, i’d start speaking to the contending teams who have nothing beyond streamers at the TE, if they have plenty of depth see who is interested in him then lets see what they have available? What is your RB situation and the rest of your WR core? Also the waivers can you give us a flavour of who is there are RB/WR maybe the top ten guys?

Well damn… not the response i was looking for. I have a lot of faith in Davis in the future. I also wanted a wr2 and prospect and i think Crabtree has solid WR2 outlooks and possible WR1 although small. I have streamed QB for the last 3 years and it has not gone well so I was looking for a solid QB. Its a 13 team league with like 23 roster spots and everyone has at least 2 QB stashed. So thats picking the bottom 24 abs available most weeks. Really F’ed me. So that makes waiver wire for Qb and anything else slim as Christian Bale in the Mechanic.
I went for it a few years ago on CJ anderson and that really spiraled me into oblivion. so my RBs are on the horrible to bad range. I picked up Ron jones but that isn’t looking too hot. Otherwise i have some old Rbs in a comity system like Powel, Ty Mont, Murray. Wrs I feel i have some good young guys with upside. Robby anderson, stills.

I missed the boat and made some bone headed mistakes and i just need to regroup and get some picks and get something for Gronk a few weeks into the season.

I’m actually fine with that trade. You probably could’ve gotten more but not by much. I’m a big Corey davis believer and if you’re rebuilding, he’s the right piece to acquire. Plus the 2 1sts are good draft capital. Watson is a great cornerstone to build around as a young QB.

The one piece I hate is Crabtree. Not sure why you got him. Should have swapped him out for more draft capital either (i.e. 2nd round picks). You are not going to be competitive at all for at least 2 if not 3 years. I have a team which I totally blew up and am in full rebuild. I sold Davante Adams for Mike Williams and 4x 1st round picks. I love targeting guys like Ross/Williams cause they were both top 10 picks a year ago and nothigns changed other than they didn’t play due to injury. So in my eyes, that’s like getting 5 1st round picks for Adams. Granted, this was a lobsided deal in my favor, but that’s the type of construct / players/picks you want to get when trading studs. You should have tried to get players like Williams/Ross etc. Young unproven guys who are cheap. Crabtree offers nothing to your team. When you’re rebuilding, you really shouldn’t have any players above 24, maybe 25 years old max.

Definitely deal Ertz. Definitely deal Gronk. Find guys who are contending and charge them the maximum. TE is a very rare commodity so those who want to win, should be willing to pay up for me. I know I would defintely be willing to give up good value to get gronk to compete. He’s a deal changer.

Ertz is 27 but by the time you can compete, he’ll be going into his 30s and he might not even be on the team anymore. Goedert might have taken over by then. I’d go and try and grab Goedert and just sit on him and wait. Or someone like Njoku.

Find the owner of Hunter Henry and try to trade him Ertz or Gronk for Henry + if you can.

I think the AB deal is ok. Definitely shop Gronk for maximum value though

Worry about TEs later unless you can get like Engram for a good deal.

I would stock up on young WR talent / draft picks. The rebuild process for dynasty is as follows:

  1. get the stud WRs, young ones who are 25 or younger.
  2. Then in 2 years or so once you’ve filled out rest of your roster, you’ll ideally still have low pick cause your team sucks, use early picks on rookie RBs.
  3. fill out any holes with vets to contend.