Dynasty Discussion - Juju vs Corey Davis

In a vacuum, who would you rather have in dynasty? Corey or Juju? I own juju and I was offered Corey in dynasty.

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I think the present state is better for JuJu, but what happens when Roethlisberger declines or retires. Davis and Mariota should both be trending upward. JuJu is crazy talented, but he’ll be the number 2 (at best) receiver on a team with a QB question mark in the very near future.

I’d do the trade, but if your league mate is thirsty for JuJu it might be worth trying to sweeten the pot by emphasizing the JuJu upside this year.

Davis. Juju will be #2 as long as Brown is around and AB still has several years in front of him. Davis is the #1 and the Titans offense will bounce back

@Clarky @Wdunnett thanks! He thinks juju and Davis are even, so he doesn’t think he needs to add more. I’m seeing if we can add other pieces, but I like Davis more.