Dynasty - DJ or Cook/Pettis

Hey FootClan! I am in need of some perspective/advice. I am in a 12 Team 0.5 ppr startup dynasty league and was offered Dalvin Cook & Dante Pettis for my David Johnson. What do you think? Should I hold tight or accept the trade? Really going back and forth with myself. Thanks in advance!

That is a very fair trade especially in dynasty since DJ is 27 and cook is 23…Pettis has the potential to become a wr1/2 which is solid, If you feel comfortable that cook will shed his injury concerns I would take this trade in dynasty.

Thanks! I think I am just hesitant because of the injuries to Cook and DJs new potential in the revamped ARZ offense. Dont want to end up making the wrong move.

Depends who else is on your roster. Do you need a WR2 or are you deep enough to keep more of an elite RB1? I’d keep DJ unless you had a big need for a WR.

My starting WRs are Thomas, Thielen, Jeffrey, and then others like Samuel, Wilson, Hardman and Funchess. That makes sense what you’re saying though. I think I’m just chasing the possible big production of Pettis

Personally I have cook ranked ahead of DJ so I’m taking this all day. I know that’s not popular opinion but I think it’s a decent offer. Although personally I’d rather get a 1st or multiple seconds over Pettis.

Yea I would have went for the 1sts but he has none. Thanks for the input though! Any particular reason you like Cook more than DJ? Does injury scare you at all?

Yeah because I’ve been a fan of cook’s talent since his class. He was my 1.01 ahead of fournette. Was the most elusive back last season. Great pass catcher. Vikings are a better team and committed to the run. Kubiak produces fantasy gold at RB position.

Injury risk is definitely a concern but I like him this year because he’s a year removed from ACL and fully healthy offseason of OTA/training camp. I faded him last year but this year I target him everywhere.

And there’s also concerns with DJ. New QB new offense new coach that is unproven in NFL. I’m still a believer of Murray and kingsbury system but fact is, people are assuming it’s all going to work perfectly but there’s risk there. So end of the day, there’s risks in both but I’d rather go with the known in cook in terms of his ability production which we saw early in his career and towards tail end of last season. Also Murray is gone.

Btw RE David montgomery, if you listen to the superflex show latest podcast, they go over a lot of my concerns with him and why I don’t think he’s anything remotely close to what Hunt was or is. Highlights are:

  1. NO burst to speak of
  2. worse vision
  3. consistent studded steps and jumps around behind the LOS waiting to hit a homer run vs Hunt who was constantly running downhill
  4. much more competition than hunt had or Jacobs even has.

Nick Whalen also breaks down his film in a thread on twitter which you can check out.

All in all, just too many red flags for me to take him over a phenomenal talent like Harry.