Dynasty: Do I start selling off my team?

So I’m 0-4

10 team league

Two teams with 1 win ahead of me. Everyone else with at least 2.

Can keep offensive guys max 3 years.

I’m losing Zeke, Michael Thomas, OBJ, LeVeon, Cam

I think my team is damn good, but this early season has been way rough.

Do you think this roster has juice moving forward or do I call it a day and start acquiring players and licks for next year. Pretty strong trade capital.

0.5 PPR
Tackle heavy defensive points. The waiver wire in this league is typically barren because we have so ma y rostered guys.

Gezzz you guys draft a lot of guys … I’d say hold off 2 more weeks see how the dice roll thennnnn maybe if you go 0-2 FARM SALE!!! Your RBs are insane hahahaha Connor Zeke Lev Mixon hahaha wow

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I’m now somehow 0-5


I traded Lev Bell for Wentz and OBJ for Rodgers.

I was losing both after the season. Hoping that helps long term and short term.

If you had better QBs your team might improve a bit maybe move one of stud Backs and upgrade a QB!!!