Dynasty dobbins or Gibson?

I have three starting rbs and Gibson on the bench. Haven’t been able to get a trade done to keep Gibson and get dobbins. But might be able to swap Gibson for dobbins. Is that the move?

For me, dobbins for Gibson in a dynasty is a smash. Dobbins will start next year for one of, if not the best running games in the league and he’s built for a bellcow role.

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Are you competitive this year? Do you need help right away? I’m a HUGE Gibson supporter this year but in dynasty I can see why Dobbins in appealing. Long term he’s with a much better franchise that loves to run and has always been good at running under Harbaugh. Gibson could legitimately blow up this year and be a stud, however I think the disfunction with the Washington organization as a whole will hold him back. I think he’s a great guy to have this year and going forward but Dobbins has more upside.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to look at your full roster and see if potential or production is more important to you now. I tend to lean production because nothing is guaranteed in fantasy, but if you’re absolutely loaded and don’t need Gibson’s production that’s where this gets trickier to me.

It’s Dobbins, hands down. Gibson, despite the hype is still a risk. Where Dobbins may take a little more time but has a great chance of hitting with a much better offense. When is the last time Washington had a good fantasy RB? It’s been a few years. I think the hype around Gibson is that he went from nothing to something. Not that he’ll be top 20.

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I agree overall. I just want to say that I definitely don’t think Dobbins is riskless. Ingram is a damn good RB and one of the best goal line backs in the league. In the short term I don’t think Dobbins has an easy time taking the full job from him on a team built to win now. Over the long term so much can change with RBs that I don’t like to project next year before this year starts but I 100% agree that right now Dobbins definitely looks like the better long term prospect. But that aspect of time definitely puts some worries in my mind more than talent or anything else when it comes to investing long term in a RB.

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Totally agree. I think that Dobbins has nearly twice the ceiling as Gibson, so if I’m going to have uncertainty either way, it’s Dobbins for me.