Dynasty draft 2021 question

We are nearly finished with a first year dynasty league. (1/2 ppr, TD passes = 4 pts.). My team is done, I won the consolation bracket (7th out of 14 teams). But during the year, I traded hard and often to obtain first round picks for next season. Right now, I have 7 of the first 19 picks, including #1, #2, #5, #7, #8, either #12/#13 (depending on results this weekend) and #19. My question is this - should I keep all these picks or look to trade them? And if I should trade, do it now, or wait until April or so? (Our draft is slated for May 21, 2021). The principal players on my team are; Herbert and Darnold at QB. RB’s include Chubb, Dobbins, Mostert, Damien Harris, and Justin Jackson. My WR’s are Woods, Diontae Johnson, Chark, DJ Moore, Crowder, Mims, Bryan Edwards and AGG. My TE’s are Andrews, Kmet, Firkser, and Asiasi. No D or kickers in this league. I know I need another QB option, and depth at RB is an issue as well. I have heard this draft class doesn’t look as good as some classes in recent history and I wonder what would be best for me. Any input you have would be appreciated.

I just finished up my first year in a dynasty league as well. In regards to the picks, I would wait to see where players are drafted before trading them. I think it’s important to see where that rookie will fit into their new team. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with also trading those picks for players who are young and already established. If I were you, I’d definitely keep the first 3 picks, and try trading the other others for already established players. Hoped that helped!

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Just going off some VERY early projections, I am thinking about keeping all the picks. What I am thinking about is getting the top RB (Etienne or Harris most likely) with the top pick, then snagging Lawrence with #2. The team with the #3 pick needs a QB bad and the guy with the #4 pick has already said he wants Lawrence, so if I don’t get him at #2…I won’t. At #5, I’d take the top remaining WR. Then at #7 and #8, I would get Pitts (TE) and the top guy left at either WR or RB. With #12 and #19, I can look at what is left that is appealing to me.